“The Briefcase”: (4M, 3W): Henry built the briefcase. He’s dead. Jane has the briefcase. She’s on the run. General Wilde wants the briefcase. He’s after her. Only intrepid reporter Rex can untangle the story. (Recording available on this site; production directed by Zak Walshon.)

The Diplomat’s Dilemma: A dinner for a handsome French diplomat strains a couple’s marriage. (2M, 1W)
Download: DiplomatsDilemma

Family Portrait: Heidemain finalist for best ten-minute play at the Actors’ Theatre of Louisville, 2008. A family charts its progress on video over five years.(1M, 1W, 3 children)
Download: Family Portrait

Film Noir Anthology 1: The Sleep Demon: Ace detective–or so he thinks–Marlow Phillips investigates the mysterious psychic Amanda the German Eggplant while dodging Big Boss and his goons. With Lolita the Sexy Narrator. (5M, 3W)
Download: FilmNoirAnthology1SleepDemon

Film Noir Anthology 2: The Crime Lord: (4M, 2W, 2 either) The Sequel. Big Boss has been vanquished, but crime abhors a vacuum. Marlow Phillips struggles to prevent the rise of a new crime lord, one with a personal grudge against him.
Download: FNA2 CrimeLord 2016

A Short Play about a Serial Killer (6 actors): Clancy is the good cop. Ellison is the bad cop. The Chief is their boss. They’ve got one hour to make the serial killer confess before the killer’s high-priced lawyer shows up. There’s just one problem: the killer is a bottle of Heinz pourable mustard

Sushi: (3M, 3W) Six characters with names like California Roll, Wasabi, and Pickle find themselves in a locked-room mystery as they disappear one by one. Suspecting foul play, they turn on each other until they come to a startling realization about their existence and attempt to escape their disturbing fate before it’s too late.

“Who Killed Harry Park?” : Harry Park, a brilliant but troubled physicist, has gone missing. Harry’s girlfriend asks P.I./grad student Jackson to find him. But there’s time travel involved. And the military. And another young inventor…Inspired by David Mamet’s “The Water Engine”. A thrilling new radio play for the stage.

Bloody Lies
Clem travels to the mysterious country of Rachvorgia to save his family’s house from the clutches of the evil Landlady Doris. While there, he and his best friend Barney (who only ever says “Barney,”) meet the menacing Count Von Richtenstein and his beautiful daughter Nina. Nina and Clem are smitten with each other. But Nina is strangely pale. She doesn’t like the sun. And she certainly seems to enjoy biting Clem’s neck… When the Count reveals his plans to take over America (starting with Clem’s hometown) and turn everyone into blood slaves, complications abound. In the spirit of Charles Ludlam: Bloody Lies. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll bleed from the neck.

A History of Bad Ideas (2M, 2W)
Jason and Georgia test their relationship as his writing takes them from New York City to Iowa.  What follows is a series of passionate and turbulent months where the dangers and insights of love are played out by Jason and Georgia and on the fringes by G and J, Jason’s fictional film noir characters.  Will art bring Jason & Georgia together or is it the ultimate betrayal?

Seven Days: A Fantasia on the Life of Miles Davis (5M, 3W)
January, 1954. Miles Davis, caught in the throes of heroin addiction, with his career flatlining and his health failing, returns home to his father’s farm to lock himself in a guest apartment and go cold turkey—or lose his career and his life. Over the course of a week, he will ache, suffer, hallucinate and rage against his demons, but one demon in particular has come calling to duel with Davis. Her name is The Bluesman, and she claims to have killed jazz musicians before. The stakes of the duel: Miles’ career, soul, and life. She plays mean. And she plays to win. Aided by the ghost of Charlie Parker and the spirit of John Coltrane (still alive), scenes from Davis’ past and future play out as he battles back against the Bluesman’s siren song of despair. We see all sides of the complicated Davis: the consummate professional musician, the prodigal son, the angry loner; and we meet his friends, collaborators, and lovers. But at the end of the week, Miles Davis must face the dark truth of the Bluesman alone.

This Is Your Life (4M, 4W)
This Is Your Life is a comedy-drama with a dash of magical realism about four people in Berkley, CA, in the late 1960s: Tony (a writer), Patrick (a conductor), Natalie (an English grad student), and Jenny (a musician). The movements of these four are overseen and narrated by Garrett, a present-day writer in a “quarterlife crisis,” and Abigail, his more grounded sister; they watch as all try to make their way and forge relationships as the roaring sixties become the troubled seventies. But mixing the present and the past proves dangerous when one character discovers what the future holds—and Garrett and Abigail’s present may never be the same.